50% Off 9 x NKS-ready Synths At Native Instruments

To celebrate their plug-ins becoming compatible with Native Instrument’s NKS system, 5 VST producing companies are offering a 50% discount on 9 top synth plugins.

First up is Heartbeat by Softube – an innovative drum synth with a familiar yet unique sound character, drawing inspiration from 80s analog drum synths. Reduced to £74.50

img-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_01_softube-b76bc9ad2427014bae1fe2297aedc7d4-dNext up we have Archetype by Sonic Faction. This is a collection of eight legendary instruments, including some of the most sought-after synthesizers and drum machines ever. You’ll need Kontakt 5 to use this. Reduced to £74.50

img-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_02_sonic-faction-c2c8aec7f91da745fe430ac3f7f0412b-dWaldorf present 3 top synths and super value bundle! Nave, Largo and PPG Wave 3.V are the synths, all at £64.50 each. The Waldorf Edition 2 bundle contains synth PPG Wave 2.2.V, percussion synthesizer Attack and their D-Pole filter – you get all three for just £24.50!!!!!


img-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_03_waldorf_02_largo-344e48febe0bac3169d18724ae509275-dimg-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_03_waldorf_03_ppg_01-73fa46adde927175104b667f05538a4b-dimg-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_03_waldorf_04_edition2_01-8dc81eacae7287fa37f42bf458576a6e-dNext up, from Sugar Bytes is Cyclops.  With six synth engines, 10 filter types plus vowel mode this is a monophonic synth for producing devastating basses. Yours for only £44.50.

img-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_04_sugarbytes-e94bf0eefd153788e403d03af7933cce-dFinally, XILS-Lab present two jaw-droppingly good synths.

XILS 4 is perhaps the ultimate software matrix synth. Recreating a rare 1969 hardware prototype, this modular powerhouse delivers tremendous, out-of-the-ordinary sound and a unique character. You can grab this for £69.50.

img-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_05_xilslab_01_xils4-5ae8efb5e0e1654d90dd046443386142-dAnd RSF PolyKobol analog synthesizer clone PolyKB II is available for £64.50.

img-ce-nks_synth-special_landingpage_05_xilslab_02_polykbi-a03532f4a59943f1f2894e3307d869b5-dThis deal is only available at Native Instruments website until 9th May so head over to www.native-instruments.com for full details and demos on all products.


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