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Ascension VST Synth Stuck In Demo Mode – Solved

A while back, I purchased the Ascension synth from Plugin Boutique. It’s listed there as a W.A Production product but the licensing is done via Cubic Audio and I’ve seen elsewhere that it’s a product so I’m not sure!

I had an initial play with it in demo mode but came back to it last week, realising that it was still in demo mode (annoying white noise after a short period of use).

I logged back in to PIB and got my serial number, was directed to Cubic Audio’s site to download the authorise, followed all the instructions and downloaded my licence file.

In the software options page is a box to import your licence file but no matter whether it was Ascension in standalone mode or in Cubase, it would not import the file.

I did some Googling and it appears to be a common problem, but no real solutions, so I emailed Cubic Audio. After a few days I received a reply from Peter at Cubic Audio, with the following instructions:

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble licensing Ascension.
Please follow these steps:

1. Visit your CubicAudio > Ascension folder. If you see a file named ‘license.dat’ inside, delete this file.
(PC location) ‘Documents > CubicAudio > Ascension'(MAC Location) ‘Mac HD > Library > Application Support > CubicAudio > Ascension’

2. Re-license Ascension using your serial number, Hardware ID (you’ll find this under Ascension > OPTIONS > Settings) and activation link below, download this file to your desktop. Licensing link:

3. Open the Ascension in your DAW. Choose Ascension > OPTIONS > Settings.

4. Choose ‘Import License’, using the ‘my-name.license.asl’ file from your desktop.If Ascension is correctly licensed you will see your name on this screen.

This worked for me – a simple case of deleting the licence.dat file from your computer and re-importing via the plugin.

Hopefully this helps other users out and as I was typing this out, I did another quick search and found these instructions on the DMS site:

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