Audiorealism’s ABL3 TB-303 Emulator

I’ve been playing with Audiorealism’s ABL3 plugin for the last few weeks. Since the demise of Propellerhead’s “Rebirth”, I’ve been looking for a decent TB 303 emulator and ABL3 might just be the one!

With several layouts screen available, you can go from classic 303 programming to the easier to use pattern mode.

Programming options include note, gate, up/down, accent and slide. You can also set how many steps per sequence.

The filter includes cut-off, resonance and envelope modulation and you there are also virtual knobs for note decay and accent strength plus a tuning knob.

There are various import options, including the ability to import wave files that can be converted to 303 patterns.

The sound is incredible and if you combine it with a decent overdrive plugin, you can create some incredible “acid” style basslines.

YouTube user SYNTH ANATOMY has created a top video demonstrating the ABL3’s capabilities…

Full details and purchase options here and at the time of publishing, using coupon code ADM909 gives you a 30% discount!


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