Certain Plugins cause Cubase to hang – iLok quick fix

Posted by in News , Tutorials on April 6, 2018

If you sometimes load a plugin in to your DAW  (I use Cubase, but it may be the same in others) and your DAW software hangs, not crashing but just taking forever and ever to load, then check this before hitting CTR – ALT – DELETE!

Is the plugin licenced through the iLok software?

If so then load up iLok and click on your account on the top left. I found that sometimes the software hasn’t authorised before loading Cubase up and after waiting for ages, if I simply load up iLok and click on my account, the plugin loads automatically.

This cures the problem for my Air plugins in particular but also for anything licenced through iLok.

A nice simple fix that can hopefully save some hair pulling and sanity for others too.

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