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Free Cinematic Sound Effects pack with Loopcloud

I have been very impressed with Loopmasters’ Loopcloud app and VST integration. Hopefully a full review to come soon.

Essentially it’s a really cool sample management tool that allows you both to manage your own sample collection AND download from Loopmasters’ huge sample store. You also get given hundreds of free samples every week, which, once claimed can be downloaded when you need them. This is great if you are short on space, as all samples can be previewed before downloading – even within you DAW using the VST app. Once you are happy with a sample, just drag it straight in to your DAW and it will be downloaded.

The best bit? Loopcloud is completely free to download and use. There is no commitment to purchase and sample packs and you still get your weekly freebies. Obviously they are banking on people liking the sound of the free samples and then purchasing the full pack that they come from – it’s purely your choice though. Even if you just used it to manage your own exiting collection it’s worth getting.

As if that wasn’t fantastic enough, until 7th January 2019 Loopmasters are also bundling a complete cinematic sound effects pack to all users. “Cine Tool Box” has everything from “deep booms, organic whooshes to epic rises, otherworldly soundscapes to futuristic transitions…”

To grab this free 320Mb pack, just download and install Loopcloud before 7th January. Existing users, just check your Inspiration Folder.

Full details and download links are here.

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