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Loopcloud 4.0 To Add Sample Editing

I’ve grown rather fond of Loopmasters’ free Loopcloud vst plugin. By inserting as a standard VST plugin in your DAW, it acts as a gateway to the main Loopcloud software. This allows you to preview samples within your DAW, match BPMs and pitch to your project and drag matched samples straight in to your current project.

Originally just for use with the Loopmasters library, they also added the ability to add your own sample library to the database, useful indeed.

News now filters through that the imminent version 4.0 will also include a sample editor, meaning this could be the only sample management tool you’ll ever need.

Due in Q1 2019, 4.0’s “Loop Editor” is a “sample-slicing and pattern workbench with the power to re-arrange, re-time and re-level individual slices of any sample, whether in your library or in the Loopcloud Store”.

In addition, with one edit defined, you can audition any other loop or one-shot in your library or from the Loopmasters catalogue, conforming it to the exact same pattern. With the power to demo millions of samples before you import one into your project, this is a game changer for all producers.

To reiterate, this is a free software and plugin, and Loopmasters also give you tons of free samples every week, which you can add to your account, store in the cloud and download whenever you need them. Incredible stuff!

Loopcloud Music App from

Keep your eye out for 4.0 but if you’re not already using Loopcloud, download 3.0 for free by clicking the banner above.

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