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Loopcloud 5 – The Ever Evolving Sample Manager

I’ve been a massive fan of Loopmasters’ awesome sample manager software, Loopcloud – especially since they produced a plugin that allowed samples to sync to and be played through your DAW of choice.

With each update they added new features, including sample editing and the ability to add your own existing sample libraries, complete with tags and search indexing, alongside your purchases.

Whilst the software had always been (amazingly) free of charge, Loopcloud 5 introduced a new paid subscription option. “Here we go…” I thought, I’ve been expecting this – they get you hooked and now you have to pay, etc.

I did put off upgrading for a while but recently took time to see what they were actually offering. There is still the free option but actually, the subscriptions are pretty decent and great value for money. Lets take a look…

Free Plan

Pretty much as before, the free plan still automatically connects to the DAW and allows you to add your own sample collection. You’ll also be able to access the loop editor and multi-track (with two tracks). In addition you’ll get 5 free samples per day from the available library “free selections”.

Artist Plan

The starter subscription is the Artist plan. For £5.99 per month you get 5GB of cloud storage – no need to fill your hard-drive with samples, just audition from the cloud and download when you need to use them. You also get FX, and can multi-track (eight tracks). You get 100 credits per month to spend on the huge Loopmasters library (3.5 million samples) – plus 10 free samples per day from the free selections.

Studio Plan

Next up, at £9.99 per month is the Studio Plan. This bumps the storage up to 50Gb, gives you 300 credits per month and 20 free samples per day.

Professional Plan

Finally, for sample junkies and pro studios alike, the Professional Plan at £17.99 per month gives you an incredible 250Gb of cloud storage, 600 credits per month and 50 free samples per day.

If you consider that most one shots are only a a single credit to purchase, drum loops 2-4 credits and full vocals acapellas around 8 credits, even with the Artist plan you can start accumulating a fantastic, curated sample library. Even better, unused credits roll-over so you can save your credits for samples when you really need them.

Loopmasters are offering a free 30 day trial of the Studio Plan – full details and to download here.

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