Propellerhead Reason Not Loading? Try This…

Posted by in News , Tutorials on April 30, 2018

I had an issue over the weekend, whereby Reason (I’m using version 10) was taking an absolute age to open. I had recently installed some new plugins and Reason did appear to be doing a full scan, but after a few hours I gave up and closed it using CTRL-ALT-DELETE (yes, I’m using Windows).

I tried opening again and this time, the Reason splash screen was displaying, ASIO-4-ALL loaded up and was active, the splash screen went of and then…. nothing!

I mean, ASIO-4-ALL was still running but Reason just hadn’t loaded. No error message, no nothing. I tried renaming my VST Plugin folder, upgrading Reason to the very latest version, in-installing and re-installing but still nothing.

It was driving me mad. I couldn’t even load it using Rewire in Cubase.

After spending hours trawling through the forums, I was just about to concede and contact Propellerhead support, when I got lucky.

Whilst searching for plug-in folders I stumbled upon a default Reason demo song folder. I double clicked on the demo song, and lo & behold, Reason opened up – albeit in Read Only mode.

I tried opening Reason normally again but still the same problem.  I opened via the demo song again but this time saved the song by a different name and it was no longer Read Only. This time I could open Reason by double clicking the icon, as normal. I tried opening the last song I was working on and it crashed. There was obviously either a problem with the song file or one of the plugins being used – all the other songs I tried worked fine.

Now here’s the key point. I had a default setting in Reason preferences that always opened the last song you were working on each time you opened Reason. As the issue was actually with this song file (or a plugin it used), that’s the reason it would never open.

I’ve changed the setting to always open with a certain template now and should never, hopefully encounter that issue again. Fingers crossed!


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