Steinberg Release Cubase 9.5

Steinberg have released the last version of their flagship DAW software, Cubase 9.5. New features include: Zoning 2.0 – additional¬†sections make their way into the right zone to enhance the flow in your work. Automation curves – Cubase 9.5 introduces ultra-precise automation curves for creating and editing smooth transitions. More Metronome – all new customisable…… Continue reading Steinberg Release Cubase 9.5

How To Record Your Band

Top musicians’ tech site, MusicRadar, in conjunction with Steinberg have produced an excellent 10 part tutorial series entitled, “How To Record Your Band”. An excellent series that gives some great tips on recording many instruments using Cubase. Part 1 –¬†Preparation: Part 2 – The Setup: Part 3 – Recording Drums: Part 4…… Continue reading How To Record Your Band