VST Instruments Not Opening In Cubase – Obvious, Not So Obvious Fix!

Posted by in News , Tutorials on September 16, 2019

Last week I was testing a new VST in Cubase. I’d opened it, had a quick scan through the presets and instantly found a great sound to work with.

After a few tweaks, I thought, “Ok, lets build on this with some drums…” I added Maschine 2 on a new track and clicked the button to open it but then, nothing. I tried with Addictive Drums and again nothing. The original VST was showing though – very strange.

I saved the project, closed and reopened Cubase and tried again. Maschine and Addictive Drums would still not open! I tested other VSTis with varied success. Some would open to the editor screen, others wouldn’t. I again closed Cubase down and this time opened Maschine 2 as a standalone application. Still nothing! The weird thing was, I could see in that it was open in the bottom tray but there was nothing on screen – the hardware was all lit up as well. It had to be open, but why was it not on screen?

I started trawling the forums and found that other people had similar problems – they could also see that it was open but had nothing on screen. There were lots of suggestions, from reinstalling to registry edits.

I was compiling a mental list of things to try when suddenly it hit me – my 2nd monitor was turned OFF! I had only originally booted up Cubase for a quick test session and hadn’t even turned on my external monitor. A single button press and there was Maschine, in all it’s glory – on screen 2.

Sometimes you have to check the obvious and simple things before getting too involved with technical fixes.

Lesson learned – let’s hope I now remember!


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