Wave Alchemy – Revolution Drums – Kontakt Instrument

One of my favourite electronic drums VSTis is the brilliant Revolution by Wave Alchemy.

This runs in Kontakt 5+ (Free Player or Full version) and is an emulation of 14 classic electronic drum machines. As well as the standard Roland 606, 808 and 909 etc, you get the Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX and more besides!

The sound is incredible and you can add ‘Character’ as many of the Drum Machines have been carefully recorded to analogue tape at multiple saturation levels (via a Studer A820), as well as through a vintage SP-1200 sampler and boutique high-end analogue processing chains.

You can create patterns via a classic TR-style 16-button step-sequencer with full accent control, host sync, swing/shuffle and MIDI input OR a modern DAW style pattern editor.

You can drag and drop patterns straight in to your DAW if need be.

This plugin is MONSTER!

Marcus Huyskens from Studio One Expert has produced a really good review on YouTube:

Revolution is available direct from Wave Alchemy or look out for promotional offers at Plugin Boutique.

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